Crystal Healing for Animals

ISBN 9781899171248
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Title Crystal Healing for Animals
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Author Scott, Martin & Mariani, Gael
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 227.0 gm
Pages 132
Status Active
Year 2002

This handbook aims to provide animal owners with all the information they need to use crystal healing on their pets and other animals. This is an area of healing that is ages old, but recently started to regain popularity amongst the public. Animal owners are attracted to it for its gentleness and saftey, yet crystals are powerful catalysts for healing on both the physical and emotional levels. Crystals are effective for animals of all shapes and sizes, from a goldfish to a cart horse, and so this book should be of use for owners of every type of pet and animal. In this book the authors make reference to the ways this form of therapy can help different types of animals, giving the subject a wide range of interest.