Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle Cards

ISBN 9781401973056
Item Details
Title Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle Cards
Sub Title Connect to Your Family Lineage, Explore Modern Ancestral Veneration, and Reveal Divine Guidance
Author Abrams, Abiola
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 128
Status Active
Year 2024

Tap into sacred ancestral wisdom with this powerful 45-card oracle deck designed to help you connect with the spirits of your ancestors, the Divine, and the harmonies of the universe. Our ancestors have much to teach us about ourselves and our place in the universe. They can intercede with the Divine on our behalf and also act as our guardians, guides, and ascended masters. The Secrets of the Ancestors Oracle brings ancestral veneration-a key spiritual tenet of so many global cultures-into the modern zeitgeist, connecting us with the spirits of our family before us. Featuring five suits (Ancestors, Archetypes, Rituals, Plants and Herbs, and Symbols), this oracle deck is the perfect spiritual tool for those looking to deepen their spirituality and tap into sacred wisdom of the past. A 45-Card Deck and Guidebook