Aura Alchemy

ISBN 9781401978310
Item Details
Title Aura Alchemy
Sub Title Learn to Sense Energy Fields; Interpret the Color Spectrum; and Manifest Success
Author Mercree, Amy Leigh
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 288.0 gm
Pages 248
Status Active
Year 2024

A fresh take on auras from a medical intuitive who has been working with energy on a quantum level for over twenty years. Develop your innate intuition, deepen your connection to the energy flow of the universe and manifest your heart's desires using the power of your own electromagnetic field. Take a deep dive into the history and spiritual science of auras - the colourful energy fields that surround each and every one of us - with this in-depth guide. You will learn- - What the colours of auras mean and how to see them in yourself and others - How to raise the frequency of your own aura and those of others - How to apply your knowledge on auras to manifest your best life, filled with harmony and abundance Amy plunges profoundly into the truth of complete interconnection in the universe and the living electromagnetic fields around all living things, which we call auras. In essence, the study and awareness of auras is an opening to feel the connection between all life. This book encourages and necessitates opening the clairvoyant and other intuitive senses to feel, taste, smell, touch, see and hear auras and perceive them in new and expanded ways. These experiences will allow you to open your mind and heart to the universal life force that comprises all existence.