Heal Yourself Oracle Cards

ISBN 9781922785817
Item Details
Title Heal Yourself Oracle Cards
Sub Title Intuitive guidance to transform your soul
Author Segal, Inna
Binding Format Cards
Weight 150.0 gm
Pages 96
Status Active
Year 2024

This card deck by Inna Segal best-selling Author, is focused on healing, transformation and the raising of consciousness. It is based on the different aspects of wellness, relationships, spirituality, love and soulfulness Inna has explored over many years. The deck is visceral, emotional and raw, in both text and visuals, expressing both the lighter and the darker side of life. The cards access the higher states of awareness, as well as challenging emotions, thought patterns and energies people have to transform. They will give you insight into where you are in life and the purpose of each message is to bring you closer to your true self. The text for each card gives the meaning of the card, the reason the person has chosen the card, an empowering statement and a short process.