Resurrection Oracle Cards

ISBN 9781922785800
Item Details
Title Resurrection Oracle Cards
Sub Title Welcome to your life
Author Dellagrottaglia, Jena
Binding Format Cards
Weight 192.0 gm
Pages 96
Status Active
Year 2024

Welcome to your life, a place that is complex and full of events, emotions and moments that shape us continually. Life is beautiful, messy and sweet and sour and constantly changes us, forcing us to naturally resurrect and metamorphose. This oracle deck is meant to be a guide to help human beings rather than a blueprint. Welcome to the next part of your journey! Resurrection Oracle is a 36-card deck that was created for both seasoned intuitives and first-timers alike. It focuses on some of the important milestones in your life, the emotions you are taught to feel and the ways you are supposed to deal with different situations. These cards are not only for those occasions but can be read on a daily basis and applied to everyday life with its victories and struggles. Welcome to this deck, which will help you move through life with grace and authenticity and also to be more self-assured in all the moments of your story