Subtle Body Oracle Deck and Guidebook

ISBN 9781683649861
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Title Subtle Body Oracle Deck and Guidebook
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Author Dale, Cyndi
Binding Format Cards
Weight 300.0 gm
Pages 104
Status Active
Year 2023

For over a decade, master intuitive Cyndi Dale The Subtle Body has been a go-to reference for bodyworkers, healers, yoga practitioners, and those seeking to understand their energetic anatomy. Now anyone can access the subtle power of the energy body with this visually stunning 52-card deck. Learn about your energetic systems: Each card reveals the significance of a component of four subtle body systems: the chakras, meridians, auric fields, and elements.Develop your intuition: Cyndi teaches that everyone is intuitive. Step-by-step guidance connects us to the flow of energetic insight within, infusing each reading with the protection and wisdom of our inner divinity, spirit guides, and the greater Divine.Become your own oracle: Each energy card points to a focus question that connects us to our inner knowing. We might follow a meridian to something we need to release or embody a chakra essence to get clear about our desires.Hone your ability to heal and manifest: Through simple but powerful readings, we develop our capacity for both healing and manifesting releasing what we are ready to let go of and drawing what we dream of toward us.This deck is a high-vibration tool for tapping into what our ancestors have known for millennia: our energy body is real and is our connection to the insight, vitality, and creative power that is our birthright.