Souls Journey Oracle Cards

ISBN 9781922573889
Item Details
Title Souls Journey Oracle Cards
Sub Title Practical Epiphany for Personal Growth
Author Rassouli
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 120
Status Active
Year 2023

Imagination, Transformation & Revelation Open your heart to the mysterious beauty of this oracle to seed and grow radiant contentment as you realize your unique destiny. Rassouli’s enchanted messages, mantras, and artwork are interlaced with love, wisdom, and inspiration to nurture, guide, and uplift your soul. Turn to the wonders of divine creativity and practical epiphany to light up the dreams, treasures, secrets, and possibilities of your Soul’s Journey. “Oracles speak to us through metaphor and magic. We connect with them through our imaginations. In creating this deck, I surrendered to my inner calling to allow divine wisdom to speak directly to every open heart.” – Rassouli