Time Changers Tarot Set

ISBN 9780764366956
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Title Time Changers Tarot Set
Sub Title Reading for Yourself, Your Community, and Your World with the Waite-Smith Tarot
Author Matthews, Caitlin
Binding Format Tarot Set
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 360
Status Active
Year 2023

A modern twist on the classic Waite-Smith Tarot to address the needs of the 21st century! The Time Changer's Tarot was written to help us navigate the times in which we are currently living. Each of us are time changers people who are not only living through changing times but can also see and affect how time changes the landscape around us. The Time Changer's Tarot offers practical ways of understanding the world. The 368-page guidebook will . expand our predictions to become in tune with larger events in our community and the world* . offer advice to become a responsive Time Changer during your lifespan and throughout the world . adapt to diverse social interactions . show how to be environmentally responsible . show solutions to modern issues and how everyone can be a part of them. The Time Changers Tarot is a for a new millennium that all Waite-Smith Tarot lovers can use as a guide to steer through the challenging maze in which we live. Every decision we make has an impact and in changing times, it is we who must be the time changers! AUTHOR: Caitlin Matthews is the author of many books, including Untold Tarot, The Da Vinci Enigma Tarot, Complete Arthurian Tarot and The Celtic Book of the Dead. Caitlin has had a shamanic practice in Oxford, UK, for the last 32 years, where she addresses the causation of ancestral fragmentation, soul loss, and vocational confusion. She teaches internationally for institutions and groups, revealing the doors and pathways of practical spirituality and lives in Oxford, UK. www.hallowquest.org.uk SELLING POINTS: . A holistic Tarot that allows a reader to divine with a respect and responsiveness that encompasses the cycles of life everyone encounters . A classically rooted Tarot created for those who need a deck that addresses the changing modern landscape and provides reliable messages for guidance . In changing times, it is necessary to become the time changers and the prophets of a future world we hope to inhabit Includes 78 art cards