Sacral Chakra

ISBN 9780738773315
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Title Sacral Chakra
Sub Title Enjoy Empathy, Intuition + Creativity through Your Second Chakra
Author Dale, Cyndi & Various
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 216
Status Active
Year 2023

The sacral chakra is the second step on a staircase that leads up from the base of your spine toward enlightenment. Ten chakra experts, including bestselling author Cyndi Dale, internationally respected energy medicine teacher Amelia Vogler, and creative business strategist Anthony J.W. Benson, teach you everything you need to know about this sensual energy center. Sacral Chakra, the second book in Llewellyn's Chakra Essentials series, presents many hands-on practices, including guided meditations, mantras, and vibrational remedies, as well as sacral-specific recipes. Explore yoga poses with Amanda Huggins, spirit allies with Margaret Ann Lembo, and body wisdom with Dr. Nitin Bhatnager. This immersive, two-color book also features the sacral chakra's crystal associations, intuitive style, physical reach, psychological influence, and more. Connecting with this chakra will help you achieve a more emotionally fulfilling and creative life.