Rainbow of Spells

ISBN 9780738772264
Item Details
Title Rainbow of Spells
Sub Title Manifesting with Color
Author Abrev, Lleana
Binding Format Hardback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 216
Status Active
Year 2023

MANIFESTING WITH COLOR All colors have their own important place in magic, and when you connect with them, your workings will become more powerful than ever. Ileana Abrev shows you how to align each color to a day of the week and a planetary body, helping you fulfill everyday goals and needs. Packed with spells, activities, correspondences, and tips, this colorful hardcover book teaches you to spiritually connect with the universe and improve your health, relationships, and more. From candles and crystals to baths and spray essences, A Rainbow of Spells gives you a variety of simple, color-based tools to enrich your magic. You'll learn how to set up your sacred space, choose the best color for your purpose, and use remedies and blended spells. This beautiful book paves the way to manifesting your deepest thoughts and desires.