Eclectic Witchcraft

ISBN 9780738774565
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Title Eclectic Witchcraft
Sub Title Old Ways for Modern Magick
Author Wilde, Charlotte
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 336
Status Active
Year 2023

The New Witch's Guide to Enchanting Your Life Humans are unique, multi-faceted beings. Naturally, our witchcraft should be the same. Sharing a modernized and inclusive approach, Charlotte Wilde shows you how to build a practice that perfectly fits your flavor of magick. She teaches not only foundational skills, but also a collage of time-tested techniques you can choose from to personalize your eclectic path. Featuring essential information on the sabbats, elements, witch's tools, divination, and shadow work, this beginner-friendly book inspires you to fully step into your magickal power. You'll create your own spells, connect to the energy all around you, and explore more than two dozen exercises. This book makes it easy to follow your intuition and embody your unique path every day.