Tarot of Tales and Legends Deck

ISBN 9788865278338
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Title Tarot of Tales and Legends Deck
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Author Elford, Jaymi & Ford, Henry
Binding Format Tarot Deck
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 78
Status Active
Year 2023

The astonishing beauty of Henry J. Ford's artworks meets Tarot's iconic power to create a magical and colourful world. TAROT OF TALES AND LEGENDS invites you into a fantastic scenario reminiscent of the old Arthurian Cycle, a mythical land filled with enchanted forests, mythological beasts, cunning wizards, and brave knights engaged in grandiose and epic adventures. Henry Justice Ford (1860-1941) was a prolific and successful English artist and illustrator, active from 1886 through to the late 1920s. He came to public attention when he provided the numerous beautiful illustrations for Andrew Lang's Fairy Books, which captured the imagination of a generation of British children and were sold worldwide in the 1880s and 1890s. 78 full col cards & instructions