2023 Gratitude Diary

ISBN 9780648814023
Item Details
Title 2023 Gratitude Diary
Sub Title A day to a page Gratitude Diary for the Soul
Author Spears, Melanie & Williams, Melissa
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 464
Status Not yet published
Year 2022

The Gratitude Diary is much more than a Diary. It is a daily companion, sacred space and loving reflection to your soul. Each new moon brings the gift of intention with an Astrological overview, along with a writing piece and companion worksheet that will activate the writer in you! Pages are filled with inspirational quotes from sages through the ages. Divinely inspired digital illustrations by Frequency Artist Melissa Williams, makes this a treasured journal for over 16,000 users here in Australia and around the world.