Tarot Priestess PB

ISBN 9780738765334
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Title Tarot Priestess PB
Sub Title Using the Cards to Heal, Grow & Serve
Author Robertson, Leeza
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 232
Status Active
Year 2022

Become a modern-day priestess with this deeply spiritual book on using tarot cards as both devotional and divinatory tools. Tarot Priestess presents a spiritual framework organized around the court cards, major arcana, and minor arcana through which you ll heal the wounds of the sacred feminine and deepen your practice with an open heart and dedicated mind. Leeza Robertson brings you closer than ever to your tarot cards, showing you how to unite your daily practice with goddess energy. She cleverly ties the four stages of your initiation to the court cards, links the goddess temples to the four suits of the minor arcana, and organizes the major arcana into three priestess gateways that you pass through on your journey. Whatever your skill level, this book shows you how to serve with purpose and spiritual fulfillment.