Beauty Witchs Secrets

ISBN 9780738769844
Item Details
Title Beauty Witchs Secrets
Sub Title Recipes and Rituals for the Modern Goddess
Author Marie, ALise
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 288
Status Active
Year 2022

Learn how to be your most spellbinding self, inside and out, through every stage of your life with this full-color book of beauty and wellness secrets. Alise Marie guides you into the beauty witch's inner sanctum, where you'll find empowerment and practical magick that elevates your routine from a monotonous chore to a sensual ceremony.Discover potent potions, joyous rituals, healing brews, and stylish cocktails to achieve ageless beauty and seductive confidence. Create plant-powered elixirs, oils, creams, and face masks that give you irresistibly smooth skin and gorgeous hair. Align with the cycles of the moon, explore the power of nature, and connect with beauty-related goddesses. Time-tested and visibly effective, these recipes and rituals reveal the enchanted beauty that is your birthright.