Namaste Blessings HB

ISBN 9781922573063
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Title Namaste Blessings HB
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Author Salerno, Toni Carmine
Binding Format Hardback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 100
Status Active
Year 2021

Within your heart, in every atom of your being, is living energy - a brilliant, creative essence that exists in you and all living things. Our planet, the sun, moon, stars and galaxies that surround us, are made of and connected by this glorious essence. Whatever you call it - Spirit, God, Goddess, Life Force, Creation, Existence - this energy is what you are. Turn to this beautiful book for meditation, contemplation, rebalance or reflection. Awaken to the splendour, wonder and wholeness of your soul, as you connect with the underlying essence of life. Breathe in the radiant imagery and transcendent prose, and imbibe their mantra. Namaste is your guide to clarity, peace, and the remembrance that we are loved, we are eternal, and we are one.