Essential Oil Cards Aromatherapy Edition

ISBN 9781925946468
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Title Essential Oil Cards Aromatherapy Edition
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Author Marie, Hallie
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 50
Status Active
Year 2021

The 50 cards in this set are designed to give you a beautiful, fun and empowering way to learn about essential oils. The cards can go wherever your oils go, making it easy to share with friends, fellow yogis and family members. Choose a card that embodies an emotion you would like to heal from or promote. On the back of each card is a list of essential oils and spiritual affirmations, any of which can be used to lift your mood and promote your overall well-being. The card fronts have: a bold splash of colour that matches the mood of the card the emotion you're hoping to diffuse or stimulate The card backs have: an affirmation to help nudge your mood in the right direction, the style of which will change depending on the card