Godsfield Companion Mindfulness

ISBN 9781841814988
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Title Godsfield Companion Mindfulness
Sub Title The Guide to Principles, Practices and more
Author Collard, Patrizia Dr
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 304
Status Active
Year 2021

Mindfulness expert Dr Patrizia Collard outlines the principles of mindful living and how it can help all of us to improve our wellbeing. Including Understanding mindfulness, Opening up to a new way of living and Breaking habits with mindfulness. Including Mindfulness for secure relationships, Mindfulness & parenting and Improving relationships with all beings. Including Mindful eating, Mindfulness for connecting with sleep and Meditation to reduce cravings. Including Mindful ageing, Inspirational elders and Connecting with loss. Including Mindfulness and invoking joy, Mindful art and craft and A mindfulness journey, week by week.