Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards

ISBN 9781401960094
Item Details
Title Guardian Angel Messages Tarot Cards
Sub Title A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook
Author Valentine, Radleigh (Auth) & Craig, Dan (Art)
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 216
Status Active
Year 2021

Bestselling author, Radleigh Valentine, has collaborated with renowned fantasy artist, Dan Craig, to bring you a beautifully illustrated tarot deck, offering comfort, joy and guidance. Draw on the protection of your guardian angels and reveal their messages with this easy-to-use, elegantly illustrated tarot deck from internationally bestselling author Radleigh Valentine. Guardian angels are messengers from the Divine whose entire purpose is to make us feel safe. The Guardian Angel Messages Tarot was created for anyone who wants to understand how Heaven is talking to us every day. Radleigh Valentine offers a deck that's rich with symbolism yet gentle enough for highly sensitive people who are seeking a comforting and safe way to get clear guidance for themselves and others.