African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards

ISBN 9781401963101
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Title African Goddess Rising Oracle Cards
Sub Title A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook
Author Abrams, Abiola (Auth) & Powell, Destiney (Art)
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 44
Status Not yet published
Year 2021

A 44-card oracle deck by intuitive spiritual teacher Abiola Abrams, including African goddesses, spirits and ancestors, to support healing and spiritual awakening. A beautiful oracle deck of 44 African goddesses, spirits, queens and ancestors from many powerful peoples - reaching from the continent of Africa and throughout the diaspora. Although African spirituality is vast, most practices share foundational beliefs including ancestral veneration, reverence for elders and community, respecting natural phenomenon and the power to transmute obstacles. This stunning card deck is faithful to sacred truths and secrets passed down through oral tradition and will support you as a tool for divination, healing, awakening and personal development. 'From the moment that I received the sacred assignment to birth this deck, these magical folks would not leave me alone. I come from generations of intuitives and healers, so divine channelling is not new to me. But these oracle keepers were persistent! They "dreamed me,"pursued me and guided me through this co-creation.' - Abiola Abrams, from the guidebook