Calming Inspirations Mini Oracle Cards

ISBN 9781922573070
Item Details
Title Calming Inspirations Mini Oracle Cards
Sub Title 55 Message Cards to Soothe, Comfort, Ease and Unify
Author Cavendish, Lucy
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0.0 gm
Status Active
Year 2021

You are a champion of Spirit with courage beyond measure. This deck is here to support you through troubles, trials, and heartache. In the most testing of times, we discover what lies within us, that we are brave, resourceful and ingenious like the heroes of legend. During our struggles, calm can become our ally. It leads us to create opportunities and understand where we can flourish. With tender guidance from Lucy Cavendish, youâ??ll find your way and feel encouraged to step up for yourself and for others to help heal the world.