Ego is Not the Real You

ISBN 9781401966454
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Title Ego is Not the Real You
Sub Title Wisdom to Transcend the Mind and Realize the Self
Author Hawkins, David R
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 146.0 gm
Pages 169
Status Active
Year 2021

Learn to let go of the illusions of the ego and discover the real you with this collection of inspiring quotes on the ego, mind, and spiritual enlightenment from human-consciousness expert Dr. David R. Hawkins. Are you willing to let go of seeing yourself as the ego believes you to be? Are you willing to go further, to know that the ego itself is an illusion? In this book, select teachings from Dr. David R. Hawkins√Ę??s extensive body of work will guide you in the process of realization, surrender, and transformation. When we let go of the old ways of thinking, our attachments, and the false promises of the ego, we discover the truth that we are one with All.