Blessed by the Goddess Mini Oracle Cards

ISBN 9781922573056
Item Details
Title Blessed by the Goddess Mini Oracle Cards
Sub Title Loving Messages from the Global and Cosmic Collective of Divine Mothers
Author Cavendish, Lucy (Auth) & Baddeley, Jake (Art)
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0.0 gm
Status Active
Year 2021

The Goddess is here with exquisite creativity and compassionate wisdom to re-Mother, protect, nurture, and gently guide you throughout each day of your life. This sisterhood of Divine Mothers, a diverse collective of cosmic energies, is ready to help you cultivate truth, strength and courage within yourself. Card by card, this deck offers simple change, supportive messages, and powerful results. Discover the meaning of your lived experience, the soul lessons within your challenges, and the joy and beauty that is now within your reach. All that She is, everything you can become. 55 Message Cards and Instruction Card.