New Orleans Oracle Deck

ISBN 9781646710355
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Title New Orleans Oracle Deck
Sub Title
Author Mboji, Fatima
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 76
Status Active
Year 2021

elcome to your beautiful new beginning. Inspired by the colorful culture and energy of New Orleans, this dynamic oracle deck was created to help you gain a sense of direction in your life. Just as the city of New Orleans inspires people to discover, accept and fully express themselves, The New Orleans Oracle Deck empowers us to tap into unconditional love and to connect with the highest parts of ourselves. When we awaken our intuition, and trust the divine light within, we start discovering new avenues of guidance, clarity and manifestation. May The New Orleans Oracle Deck help you find all that you’ve been seeking. Includes 33 cards and 76-page illustrated guidebook.