Becoming an Empowered Empath

ISBN 9781608687190
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Title Becoming an Empowered Empath
Sub Title How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition
Author De Rosa, Wendy
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 288
Status Active
Year 2021

As an empathic person, you likely feel the energy of the unseen world and unknowingly take on other people's energy and emotions. This can lead to anxiety, overwhelm, and chronic health issues. Personal growth work alone is not enough to shift this lifelong pattern. In Becoming an Empowered Empath, intuitive healer and teacher Wendy De Rosa will guide you step-by-step to help you: understand your empathic nature stop taking on other people's energy detoxify your subtle body, including your chakras and grounding cord recognize and heal ancestral, familial, and personal traumas turn your oversensitivity into powerful intuition Through guided meditations, journaling exercises, and practices for energetic self-care, Wendy empowers you to embrace your gifts, embody light, and become a vital agent for positive change.