Magick from the Mat

ISBN 9780738765952
Item Details
Title Magick from the Mat
Sub Title Using Yoga to Enhance Your Witchcraft
Author Giovinco, Casey
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 336
Status Not yet published
Year 2021

Explore the crossroads of witchcraft and yoga with this hands-on, groundbreaking guide to using poses and breathwork to empower your magic. Magick from the Mat pairs yoga sequences with spells and rituals to help you build vitality, find inner peace, improve your psychic abilities, and become more beautiful inside and out. Professional witch and yoga teacher Casey Giovinco gives you powerful sequences for developing personal power, balance, longevity, healing, and confidence. Discover a myriad of ways to raise your psychic power and connect with your higher self. Learn how to harness the elements and use them to enhance your yoga sessions. Featuring chakra work, meditations, astral travel, and esbat and sabbat sequences, Magick from the Mat incorporates yoga into your spells and rituals, strengthening them as you enhance your Craft.