Kitchen Witchery

ISBN 9780738767840
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Title Kitchen Witchery
Sub Title Unlocking the Magick in Everyday Ingredients
Author Woodward, Laurel
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 336
Status Not yet published
Year 2021

Transform the mundane chore of preparing a meal into a magickal act of healing, manifesting, and creating. This guide elevates the way you cook and prepare meals, and it presents a wide variety of correspondences, techniques, and recipes for every ingredient in your kitchen. Organized by food type, you'll learn the magickal ins and outs of: Wheats and Flours â?¢ Beans and Lentils â?¢ Nuts and Seeds â?¢ Oils and Vinegars â?¢ Sweets â?¢ Spices and Herbs â?¢ Vegetables â?¢ Fruits â?¢ Dairy and Eggs â?¢ Drinks â?¢ Gluten-free Meals Laurel Woodward shares the magick of everyday things, revealing how each task can be like a ritual of creation. You'll enjoy recipes for the seasons, special oil and seasoning blends, and other clever ways to make any ingredient into a magical tool.