Napo Tarot Deck

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Title Napo Tarot Deck
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Author Lopez, Betty
Binding Format Tarot Deck
Weight 0 gm
Pages 52
Status Active
Year 1998

This 78-card tarot deck was created to remind us of our connection to the Cosmos. The inspiration for the Napo Tarot is based in Argentinean myth, culture, and history. Just as the man from the Pampas knows what direction to take in the night by reading the stars, so too does the woman from the pueblo know how to intuitively read the archetypical images of the cards. The illustrations have been beautifully rendered by famed Argentinean artist Napo, who is known for his colorful and distinctive art style.Includes 78 cards with titles in Spanish and English and 52-page booklet with tarot meanings in English.