Real Toltec Prophecies

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Title Real Toltec Prophecies
Sub Title How the Aztec Calendar Predicted Modern-Day Events and Reveals a Pathway to a New Era of Humankind
Author Mahana, Sergio
Binding Format Paperback
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Year 2020

Toltec wisdom reveals important insights about the years 2012, 2021 and 2026. Discover why they herald an unprecedented awakening of human consciousness and how to be part of creating a new positive reality.The Aztec calendar is divided into ?Suns,? each lasting 6,625 years. The shift from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun started in July 1991 and will be complete in May 2021. In this book, renowned Mexican healer Sergio MagaƱa reveals Toltec prophecies and insights about the years 2012, 2021 and 2026 and how they will impact humankind, and can help us to heal and thrive.The Fifth Sun was associated with injustice, the domination of patriarchal groups and the suffering of women, minority groups and animal species. Sergio guides us through the underworld we need to navigate in the next few years, so that we can overcome any challenges we face as we move towards the Sixth Sun and the positive shifts that lie ahead for humanity.