Animal Spirit Wisdom

ISBN 9781644111154
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Title Animal Spirit Wisdom
Sub Title A Pocket Reference to 45 Power Animals
Author Kansa, Phillip & Kirchner-Young, Elke
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 0.0 gm
Pages 112
Status Active
Year 2021

A full-color pocket guide to 45 important spirit animals * Explores 45 different power animals alphabetically and shares their strengths, wisdom, special energies, and how to connect with them * Provides a meditative journey to help you discover which animal is your personal soul companion * Offers practices--such as observing your dreams, carving or drawing your animal guide, or opening the book to a random page--to intuitively find the right power animal for a given situation or for support and protection in a difficult period Since the beginning of time, animals have played an important role in each of our lives. Early humans were almost entirely dependent on the animal kingdom for survival. Shamans both ancient and modern merged in trance with their animal allies for spiritual guidance. Native Americans learned their personal totem animal in childhood and viewed them as life-long companions. And today we can still call on our power animals for strength, serenity, inspiration, and support.