Book of Candle Magic

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Title Book of Candle Magic
Sub Title Candle Spell Secrets to Change Your Life
Author Pamita, Madame
Binding Format Hardback
Weight 0 gm
Pages 336
Status Active
Year 2020

This practical, illustrated guide to candle magic shows you how to achieve all your magical goals with just a little wick, wax, and flame. With her contagious enthusiasm and impressive expertise, Madame Pamita guides you in creating effective rituals that make your life richer, happier, and more fulfilling. Candle magic is power the power of fire and will. Now is the time to reclaim that power and use it to bring out the magic that already exists within you. Whatever your experience level is, this beautiful hardcover book gives you the confidence to choose a candle, design your own spell, customize additional elements such as herbs and talismans, and get positive results. Inventive and fun, The Book of Candle Magic will fuel the unique flame of your soul.