Alchemy of Stones

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Title Alchemy of Stones
Sub Title Co-creating with Crystals, Minerals, and Gemstones for Healing and Transformation
Author Simmons, Robert
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 496
Status Active
Year 2020

A full-color illustrated guide to co-creative alchemy with crystals and stones for personal and planetary healing and enlightenment? Reveals that those who love and work with crystals and stones have been intuitively following the path of spiritual alchemy? Provides meditative practices with specific stones to go with each stage of the alchemical transformation process as well as other tools and techniques? Includes an illustrated dictionary summarizing the spiritual qualities of more than 375 different minerals, crystals, and gemstonesThe Alchemy of Stones presents an inspired breakthrough in Robert Simmons? thirty-five year career of exploring and revealing the spiritual qualities and potentials of minerals, crystals, and gemstones. This holistic, Earth-based framework for understanding stones and their energies initiates readers into an alchemical worldview that leads to spiritual healing, transformation, and transcendence.Engaging readers step by step, Simmons provides guidance on discovering and harnessing the three human powers of intention, attention, and imagination, each a crucial component for meeting and working in harmony with the energies of the Stone Beings. Simmons also introduces us to the Divine Feminine intelligence known as Sophia, or Wisdom. The Stone Beings are her emissaries, and through relating and co-creating with them, the healing and redemption of ourselves and the Earth becomes a reality.