Elemental Magic

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Title Elemental Magic
Sub Title Traditional Practices for Working with the Energies of the Natural World
Author Pennick, Nigel
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 144
Status Not yet published
Year 2020

Learn how to use the principles and practices of natural magic for personal development and spiritual empowerment* Offers detailed descriptions of the magical properties of minerals, animals, plants, and the earth's cycles and how to use them in your own practice* Explores the magical laws of nature and how to guide your inner energy to work in concert with cosmic energies* Details how to design your own ceremonies, practice elemental meditations, and craft your own magical talismans, wands, and divining rodsAn expert on European rural folk magic traditions, author Nigel Pennick presents a comprehensive introduction to the principles, rituals, practices, and magical tools required to draw on the magic inherent in the natural world. He explains how people throughout the centuries have built a relationship with the elemental energies around them using simple, everyday practices in order to attune themselves to nature, the seasons, and the cosmos for magical purposes.