Kali Journal

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Title Kali Journal
Sub Title Sadhana for Sacred Introversion
Author Fairchild, Alana (Auth) & Manton, Jimmy (Art)
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 220
Status Out of stock
Year 2020

Welcome to the wild, gracious and transformational realm of the dark faceof the Divine Mother.As a goddess of fierce protection and wild grace, Kali paves the way for freedom and fearlessness. We may feel oppressed and anxious, depressed and angry, or simply intrigued when we first meet Kali. We may be attracted to her ferocious imagery because we subconsciously recognise that Kali can understand us, and help us overthrow the impact of subtle or explicit violence on our lives.We come to Kali when our need for healing release and freedom is so great that we are willing to do whatever it takes to overcome it. We come to her when we are ready. At a soul level, she has called you.