Kinesic Magic

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Title Kinesic Magic
Sub Title Channeling Energy with Postures & Gestures
Author Tyson, Donald
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 336
Status Not yet published
Year 2020

Discover a new system of Western magic that uses body postures and hand gestures to channel and utilize the fundamental esoteric forces of the universe. Kinesic Magic shares over 200 practical exercises that will teach you how to energize your body and mind, call forth the powers of the elements and planets, command spirits, bring comfort and healing to the sick, and exorcise demons.Many magical systems require the use of words, symbols, herbs, tools, altars, sigils, robes, and so on. Kinesic Magic simply uses twenty-four hand gestures and twenty-four basic postures to invoke, direct, concentrate, project, and banish powerful magical forces. This unique system connects your somatic and intentional energies with the five elements, the seven planets of traditional astrology, and the twelve signs of the zodiac for remarkable magical results.