Universe Always Has a Plan

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Title Universe Always Has a Plan
Sub Title The 10 Golden Rules of Letting Go
Author Khan, Matt
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 126
Status Not yet published
Year 2020

In this short yet powerful work, Matt Kahn shows how you can do the most profound spiritual work from the most loving, heart-centered perspective.Golden Rule #1- You've Done Nothing Wrong Golden Rule #2- Anyone Who Blames You Isn't Happy Golden Rule #3- Hardships Can Be Fast-tracked through Thankfulness Golden Rule #4- Feeling Better Helps Everyone Heal Golden Rule #5- Well-being Is a Signal that You Are Ready to Embody Your Potential Golden Rule #6- The Universe Always Has a Plan Golden Rule #7- Everything Changes, But It Can Only Change You for the Better Golden Rule #8- In Order to Be Emotionally Free, It's Okay to Dislike Golden Rule #9- Projecting Anger Drains You of Energy Golden Rule #10- Love Is Your Liberator.Matt also shares energetically-encoded mantras and exercises that will enable readers to jumpstart their spiritual growth and access deeper levels of inspiration, ease, freedom, and joy.