Ravynne Phelans Spirit Animal Coloring Book

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Title Ravynne Phelans Spirit Animal Coloring Book
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Author Phelan, Ravynne
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 104
Status Active
Year 2020

Release your creativity and deepen your connections with the animal world as you bring the majesty, mischief, and grace of the wild to life. Meet Fire Fox, Ghost Cat, Storm Falcon and more fantastic creatures from the skies, oceans, gardens, and forests of the world. The 50 lineworks are based on original drawings and paintings with some much-loved images you are sure to recognize along with others created especially for this collection. Printed on premium quality 150gsm paper with intricate detail and open spaces to satisfy colouring enthusiasts of all ages. The fantasy element means you can unleash your palette and experiment with dazzling flourishes, deep shadows, and bold contrasts. Reference the original artworks or follow your imagination on a wild and glorious expedition through the pages of RAVYNNE PHELAN'S SPIRIT ANIMAL COLORING BOOK.NOTE: The inside pages of the colouring book are entirely in black and white, for you to color as your heart desires!