Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free

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Title Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free
Sub Title The Ultimate Guide to Telling the Truth, Creating Connection, and Finding Freedom
Author Levin, Nancy
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 286 gm
Status Active
Year 2020

The ultimate guide to stop people-pleasing and reclaim your personal space by setting clear boundaries. Do you feel like you're a 'pushover'? Does self-care feel selfish to you? And do you find yourself feeling resentful toward others because they don't seem to take your needs into consideration? In this book, master coach, speaker and author Nancy Levin will help you establish clear and healthy boundaries. This book includes exercises and practical tools to help even the most conflict-averse, people-pleasing readers learn new habits. You'll learn how to recognize and take inventory of your boundaries, view your boundaries differently by creating a Boundary Pyramid, learn how to say 'no' and set your Bottom-Line Boundary. As your supportive guide, Nancy will show you how to gather the courage to live a life of 'boundary badassery'.