Your 40 Day Transformation

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Title Your 40 Day Transformation
Sub Title Get Your Health Back, Naturally
Author Purcell, Janella
Binding Format Paperback
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Status Active
Year 2019

There is a vast amount of confusing health advice available today.What are the best foods to eat? What are the best lifestyle choices for you to make? What if there was a way to restore, revive and reboot your wellbeing and get back to feeling good, naturally?Janella Purcell, one of Australia?s foremost authorities on natural health and healing, has created a comprehensive guide to rediscovering your vibrant health.21st century health conditions are complex, and need to be treated with greater understanding and care. You may have tried searching for answers and experimented with all sorts of different remedies, and yet you still don?t feel well.Drawing on her years of experience as a nutritionist, naturopath and wholefood chef, Janella offers simple and approachable information on the many health challenges women are facing, and the natural solutions to treat them.When we allow our bodies time and the right circumstances to do its job, healing will most often occur naturally. Your 40-Day Transformation offers a reset program that includes recipes, monthly planners and strategies to achieve your optimal health. You will finally know what?s beneficial to your wellbeing and be on track to becoming a more vibrant, healthy and happier you.