Mists of Avalon Oracle Cards

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Title Mists of Avalon Oracle Cards
Sub Title Walk the Spiritual Path
Author Inserra, Rose (Auth) & Turner, Nadia (Illust)
Binding Format Cards
Weight 0 gm
Status Active
Year 2019

Mists of Avalon invites you on a sacred spiritual path to heal and awaken to your full potential. Uncover the myth of King Arthur and the Camelot story as you connect to the magic of Morgan le Fay. Feel the spiritual power of the mystic landscape of Glastonbury and its surrounds, once the site of Avalon, revered since ancient times as a gateway to the Otherworld.This stunning deck captures the true essence of the mystery of Avalon, empowering you to self-discovery on your soul quest. It is a transformational experience for those who are ready to follow their true spiritual path in the ways of the Avalon goddesses and priestesses. Call on the energy of Avalon to provide insight, clarity and guidance for your life now and to illuminate the way forward.Become part of the magic and myth of Avalon!