Discover the Aspect Pattern in Your Birth Chart

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Title Discover the Aspect Pattern in Your Birth Chart
Sub Title A Comprehensive Guide
Author Mitchell, Glenn
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 336
Status Active
Year 2020

Featuring over one hundred charts and many clarifying examples, this practical guide shows you how to read a birth chart with confidence by presenting the eight basic planetary patterns and what they mean. These patterns reveal your personality traits, talents, values, and aspirations, and they'll help you read the birth chart of anyone in your life. Professional astrologer Glenn Mitchell provides a strong foundation for chart reading, giving you clear and concise information about each segment and the planet it represents. Numerous case studies are also highlighted, including the charts of famous figures like Oscar Wilde, Dustin Hoffman, and Helen Keller. From the bowl and bundle patterns to the see-saw and splash, this essential book has what you need to master the birth chart and deepen your astrological practice.