White Sage Energy Clearing and Protection Spray 120ml

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Title White Sage Energy Clearing and Protection Spray 120ml
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Author Marsh, Kerri
Binding Format Spray
Weight 0 gm
Status Active
Year 2019

This Beautifully naturally scented Spray is a Powerful House and Energy Clearing Tool. It Can Be Sprayed on and around the body to clear and protect the Aura before meditating or going out, or in the environment, to release and clear negative energies and Influences. Heal and Protect Your Aura and Your Environment. Great for sensitive people that get affected by others negative energy. Ideal to clear the energy after arguments and disagreements for a fresh start. works very well in children and teenagers rooms before sleeping. Use to create a calm, peaceful atmosphere in your work place or home, you can feel the difference. Spray to Create Safe, Positive and Harmonious Environments. Great for Homes,Work Places, Land, Healing Rooms, Children's Rooms Before Sleep and before Meditating. Contains Aboriginal wisdom and Bush Flower Essences to Protect and Heal the Auric Field and Native American White Sage to Cleanse and Clear Negative Energies. Environments become Happier Healthier, More Positive, Vibrant Places to Live and Work. Scented with Organic Lavender this is a truly Remarkable Spray.