Crystals for Energy Protection

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Title Crystals for Energy Protection
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Author Hall, Judy
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Pages 320
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Year 2019

Feeling like your energy is constantly depleted, your relationships are toxic and draining, and you don't know how to set clear boundaries?We face more challenges than ever before: our bodies are attacked by pollutants, technology is taking a toll on our mental wellbeing - and the boss is really stressing you out! To protect ourselves from these energetic attacks, we can use crystals to heal, protect and strengthen our energy shield. In this revised edition, bestselling crystal author Judy Hall explains:?how you might be 'leaking' energy, even if you don't know you are?which crystals you should use to heal and protect yourself, whether it's from toxic relationships or from electric pollutants?how to create safe spaces to restore and replenish?how to tune into your chakras with crystals to enable inner healingJudy shares all you need to know to build your crystal kit. You'll soon feel healthier and calmer than you ever have.