Born Under a Good Sign

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Title Born Under a Good Sign
Sub Title Make the Most of Your Astrological Sign
Author Robinett, Kristy
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 240
Status Active
Year 2019

Set yourself up for better relationships and a bright future with Born Under a Good Sign, the uncomplicated guide to astrological sun signs. This book strips away the woo-woo and technical charts, leaving only the most useful and clear information on how to deal with each sun sign's traits and tendencies.With sensible and tongue-in-cheek explanations, Kristy Robinett provides everything you need to understand the larger impacts of the signs. She delves into the masculine and feminine energy of each one and reveals how to handle difficult situations that arise with partners, parents, children, and others. Providing essential information that isn't limited to any particular year, Born Under a Good Sign is perfect for improving your life and relationships.