Energy Healing for Relationships

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Title Energy Healing for Relationships
Sub Title Meditations, Mudras, and Chakra Practices for Partners, Families, and Friends
Author Sherwood, Keith
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 336
Status Active
Year 2019

Your subtle energy field plays a major role in the ups and downs of your relationships. In this groundbreaking book, Keith Sherwood and Sabine Wittmann show you how to transform your relationships by healing the wounds, blockages, and attachments that drive family members apart. Featuring helpful examples and hands-on exercises, Energy Healing for Relationships helps you find a compatible partner, heal family dynamics, strengthen your connections to your loved ones, and overcome parental challenges. Tips and techniques for working with meditation, energy, positive thinking, chakras, mudras, and visualization will move you forward on your journey with your family and friends while also helping you learn to deal with the difficult people in your life. This book is designed to ensure that children grow up with all the love and self-confidence they need and to enhance the well-being of all the members of your family.