Illusion of Money

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Title Illusion of Money
Sub Title Why Chasing Money Is Stopping You From Receiving It
Author Cease, Kyle
Binding Format Paperback
Weight 226 gm
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Year 2019

'I can't afford that.' 'Now's not the right time... I need to save money.' 'Quit my job? Are you nuts?!' Sound familiar? Money is one of the biggest excuses we make to not go after what we really want. Our fixation with money - the desire for more of it, and the fear of not having enough of it - is often just a longing to feel safe, but this obsession can cost us our sanity and freedom.This book is about eliminating the need to seek safety through the illusion of money and learning to see ourselves for the perfection that we are - so that we can bring our gifts to the world in an authentic way and allow ourselves to receive massive, true abundance as a result. Kyle Cease has heard excuses like the ones above countless times at his live events and he has shown people how to completely break through them. In The Illusion of Money, he shares his own experiences as well as practical tools to help readers understand their ingrained beliefs and attachments to money, and how they can tap into our infinite assets and talents.