Pathworking the Tarot

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Title Pathworking the Tarot
Sub Title Spiritual Guidance & Practical Advice from the Cards
Author Robertson, Leeza
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 312
Status Active
Year 2019

Deepen your connection to the tarot cards with this book's amazing approach to pathworking. Just as using a tarot deck is a journey through a story, so is pathworking a journey of meditating. As you pathwork through the cards, you'll learn how to meditate on what is discovered in your readings. Pathworking the Tarot introduces you to three pathworking styles: intentional (intentionally selecting cards based on theme), intuitive (letting the cards guide you), and wandering (combining a little of both the intentional and intuitive styles).Using straightforward techniques and hands-on exercises, author Leeza Robertson guides you through each of the 78 cards and the story it tells. This remarkable book inspires you to go further, deeper, and wider with your tarot knowledge and to expand your spiritual being through your experiences with your deck.