Theta Healing Digging for Beliefs

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Title Theta Healing Digging for Beliefs
Sub Title How to Rewire Your Subconscious Thinking for Deep Inner Healing
Author Stibal, Vianna
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 224
Status Active
Year 2019

In this new title in the Thetahealing series, Vianna Stibal shares an in-depth process to Digging for Beliefs, an integral part of the Thetahealing modality. Thetahealing is a revolutionary technique developed by Stibal that allows a person to enter into a state of deep meditation, tap into the brain's Theta waves and activate incredible healing powers. In the Theta state, we can connect with the Creator of All That Is through focused prayer and change our own life, and the lives of others. When a Belief has been accepted as real by the mind, it becomes crystallised as a 'Programme' and is placed into the hard-drive of the subconscious, where it acts out those Beliefs, whether or not they are positive or negative. The process of Digging for bottom beliefs in Thetahealing enables us to identify those negative Beliefs and rewire our subconscious, receive positive Downloads from the Creator of All That Is and achieve deep, inner healing. This book is an essential tool for any student of Thetahealing.