Hearth Witchs Kitchen Herbal

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Title Hearth Witchs Kitchen Herbal
Sub Title Culinary Herbs for Magic, Beauty, and Health
Author Franklin, Anna
Binding Format Paperback
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Pages 288
Status Active
Year 2019

Includes more than 150 recipes for teas, infusions, tinctures, syrups, baths, salves, balms, compresses, poultices, oils, creams, potions, candles, and much more.The Hearth Witch's Kitchen Herbal is an herbal with a difference?it shows how to use the herbs and spices most of us already have in our kitchens for home remedies, personal care, spiritual practice, spells, and rituals. The follow-up to the bestselling Hearth Witch's Compendium, this practical guide includes more than 150 recipes and focuses on twenty-three common culinary herbs and spices. For each plant, you will discover magical correspondences, culinary uses, cosmetic uses, medicinal uses, notes of caution, recipes, and lore. Also discover how to combine herbs with astrology, colors, and elemental energies for powerful magical workings. From basil to turmeric and incenses to syrups, this useful kitchen herbal is designed to help you expand your Hearth Witch skills for a more natural and magical life.BasilBlack PepperCarawayCardamomCayenneCinnamonCloveCorianderCuminDillFennelFenugreekGarlicGingerLemonMintsOatsOreganoParsleyRosemarySageThymeTurmeric