Medical Medium Celery Juice

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Title Medical Medium Celery Juice
Sub Title The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide
Author William, Anthony
Binding Format Hardback
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Pages 208
Status Active
Year 2019

From celebrities posting about their daily celery juice routines to people from all walks of life sharing pictures and testimonials of their dramatic recovery stories, celery juice is revealing itself to ignite healing when all odds seem against it. What began decades ago as a quiet movement has become a global healing revolution. In Celery Juice- The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide, Anthony William, the originator of the global celery juice movement, introduces you to celery juice's incredible ability to create sweeping improvements on every level of our health- Healing the gut and relieving digestive disorders Balancing blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and adrenal function Neutralizing and flushing toxins from the liver and brain Restoring health in people who suffer from a vast range of chronic and mystery illnesses and symptoms, among them fatigue, brain fog, acne, eczema, addiction, ADHD, thyroid disorders, diabetes, SIBO, eating disorders, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease, and eye problems After revealing exactly how celery juice does its anti-inflammatory, alkalizing, life-changing work to provide these benefits and many more, he gives you the powerful, definitive guidelines to do your own celery juice cleanse correctly and successfully. You'll get instructions on how to make the juice, how much to drink, when to drink it, and what to expect as your body begins to detox, plus answers to FAQs such as "Is it safe to drink celery juice while pregnant or breastfeeding?", "Is blending better than juicing?", and "Can I take my medications with it?" Here is everything you need to know-from the original source-to receive the full gift of what Anthony calls "one of the greatest healing tonics of all time." BOOK 5 OF THE MEDICAL MEDIUM SERIES Get your life back with the only definitive guide to celery juice. As the global celery juice movement has gained attention, people have asked, "Where did this come from?" The answer is the beloved healing authority Anthony William, his New York Times best-selling books, and his multimillion-member Medical Medium community. Anthony, the originator of the movement, has said for years that celery juice is an unparalleled healing weapon-surpassing any superfood-that is exactly what's needed for the level of sickness occurring in our world today. This guide offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally move forward. Find relief from- ACID REFLUX, ACNE, ALZHEIMER'S & DEMENTIA, ANXIETY, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE, BLADDER INFECTIONS, BLOATING, BRAIN FOG, CANCER, CONSTIPATION, DEPRESSION, DERMATITIS, DIABETES, DIVERTICULITIS, DRY, CRACKED SKIN, EATING DISORDERS, ECZEMA, EDEMA & SWELLING, EYE PROBLEMS, FATIGUE, FIBROIDS, FIBROMYALGIA, GALLSTONES, HEADACHES & MIGRAINES, HEART PALPITATIONS, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, JOINT PAIN, LUPUS, LYME DISEASE, ME/CFS, METHYLATION ISSUES, MOOD SWINGS, PCOS, PSORIASIS, RA AND PsA, ROSACEA, SIBO, SINUSITIS, SLEEP PROBLEMS, THYROID CONDITIONS, TINGLES & NUMBNESS, TINNITUS, VERTIGO, VITILIGO, WEIGHT PROBLEMS